Aspendale Farms

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One gilt, one barrow, approximately 100 pounds $225 each. pure tamworth, not registered.

 2 gilts left - 9 weeks old  $125 each.   Pure, unregistered tamworth.

7 week old piglets, litter of 9 - $125 at weaning in 2 weeks .- ALL SOLD

Have a litter of crossbred piglets, 3/4 tamworth, 1/4 commercial, they are only 2 weeks, will be ready in another 7 weeks, 4 boys left in that litter. $100 each.

Also have a few registered ones for sale.

5 month old boarlet, $450

5 month old gilt $425

9 week old gilt $360

7 week old gilt $350

All pigs are pure tamworth except the 2 week old litter, all parents registered and on premises.

Updated  May 24, 2016

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